Government Relations

Our team's access to government at all levels powers our success. From key policy makers to budgeting and contracts, we know the ins and outs of State and Federal government and are poised to bring those relationships to our corporate partners. Working with our team, you will find open communication, clarity of purpose and integrity in all of our business dealings.

Healthcare and COVID-19

For our healthcare clients, we will bring your objectives directly to the Administration of the Federal, State and Local Government. Our Government Relationships set our clients apart from other organizations without strategic representation.

We specialize in Executive Orders, FDA Approvals, Legislative Affairs and Veterans Administration.

Our experts specialize in government relations and healthcare and will bring your objectives directly to the decision makers.

Human Resources

At AMC, we understand that people are at the center of our client's success. We are in the business of building leaders and developing effective teams that can take your corporate vision into an executable strategy for growth.
The new landscape for talent and human resources, post COVID-19 presents challenges that we can help address.

Mergers & Acquisions

Combining our legal expertise with our extensive background in business capitalization, growth and operations, our team can identify opportunities for strategic moves and will develop a plan for execution of that strategy.

Image of business partners handshaking over business objects on workplace

Strategic Development

Our team of experts will develop a strategy to bring your objective to key decision makers.

Turnkey Business Valuation Service

Engage in a brief discovery conversation with our Corporate M&A Team to get started.

Next, engage our legal team to ensure everything we discuss is protected under an NDA and Confidentiality Agreement. Privacy, Confidentiality and Integrity are the hallmarks of our business operations and we want to make sure our clients are protected throughout the entire process.

Finally, let's decide together if it make business sense to move forward with the valuation and investigation phase.

After these initial meetings, nearly every one of our clients move forward with a partnership to execute an acquisition or sell strategy. Not every deal has to be closed. Sometimes, it makes the most sense to walk away from a deal upon discovery of hidden risks.

At the end of the day, what matters is that our clients are 100% satisfied with our performance and are confident that the value and insight we bring to the table gives your organization the tools to make the best possible decision.


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